Solidum Vitae provides a full portfolio of BPO services. We help you to keep your focus on your core business.

For Enterprises, outsourcing your accounting services to Solidum Vitae is the fastest and easiest way to improve your accounting processes and significantly reduce costs related to managing an in-house accounting department.

Audit and accounting firms benefit from our services as they allow you to broaden your accounting services, achieve greater cost-effectiveness or service a larger customer base with highly flexible and scalable accounting services at a highly competitive price.

Optimizing your accounting processes increase efficiency and improve accuracy while minimizing direct and overhead costs related to managing an in-house accounting department. We provide tailor made accounting solutions and excellent service quality. We can help you achieve your cost saving goals and avoid the risks and disadvantages associated with offshore business process outsourcing.

Accounts Payable

Supplier maintenance
Voucher management
2-way matching (PO and Voucher)
3-way matching (PO, Receipt, Voucher)
Invoice reconciliation
Payment processing
Cashflow forecast
Bank Account Reconciliation

Accounts Receivable

Customer maintenance
Billing and Invoicing
Bank Account Reconciliation
Payment Application
Credit Memos
Payment Processor reconciliation (Credit Cards, Amazon Pay, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayPal, etc …)

Payroll Management

Calculating Payroll
Paid Time Off, Taxation and Benefits Processing
Reconcile and Validate Payroll Reports
Update and Reconcile Bank Statements
Daily and Weekly Payroll Audits
Biweekly and Monthly Reporting

General Ledger

Record journal transactions
Reconcile sub-ledger to general ledger, propose adjustments
Account Reconciliation and Adjustments
Period Close
Financial reporting
Management reporting
Fixed Assets 

Financial Reporting

Balance Sheets
Profit and Loss
Cash Flows
External Reporting
Royalty and Lease Reporting

Analytics and Business Intelligence

Pricing Analysis
Business Performance Analysis
Cost Vs. Revenue Analysis
Commission Calculation