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Joseph M.P. De Wilde
Founder & CEO

Founded in 2016, in Belgrade. Solidum Vitae adresses the pressing problem of bottleneck professions and workforce cost optimization in Western Europe.

Many companies tried in the past decades to close the gap with recruiting in and outsourcing to Asia or sourcing in Central Europe. Cultural differences and new EU regulations now result in companies looking for alternative solutions.

SouthEastern Europe is increasingly on the radar for outsourcing and the sourcing of skilled resources.

Solidum Vitae focuses on providing solutions to the increasing skills shortage in Western Europe. 

We operate a Belgrade based outsourcing service center from Serbia. Projects are executed through our Talent Agency for short term assignments and at the Belgrade service center for long term assignments.

We relocate high qualified Professionals to Europe for local long term employment when required by our customers. Employment in the EU is executed through relocation to Belgium, The Netherlands and other EU Member States.

The EU Directive 2011/98/EU, implemented by most member states,  provides now in the European Member States for a single application procedure for a single permit for third country nationals to reside and work in the territory of a Member State and on a common set of rights for third-country workers legally residing in a Member State.

According to Eurostat 53% of enterprises experienced difficulties in 2018 when recruiting for ICT. Europe faces a shortage of skilled ICT professionals in Software Development, System Administration, Technical Support, Quality Assurance, among other domains.

Skilled resources requirements are however not limited to White Collar workers. Bottleneck professions also include Blue-Collar jobs in Industry and Services such as building and construction, healthcare and seasonal agricultural workers. 

Our goal is to provide you with a cost effective solution, whether you are looking to realize a limited project, outsource functions in Finance and Administration to our Shared Service Center, are trying to fill permanent job requirements or even subcontract entire projects to a dedicated team, either remote or on-site.

Let us know your employment needs and give us a call or send us an email.    


Joseph M.P. De Wilde
Founder & CEO
Dirk De Vriendt
Founder & CEO
Tomas De Wilde

How to Benefit from bridging the SouthEastern-Western Europe labor gap

Western European companies have in recent years increasingly looked at SouthEastern Europe in their search for skilled labor. 

SouthEastern skilled professionals have increasingly looked to Western Europe to make a living.

We help companies to outsource work to SouthEastern Europe either through outsourcing or by finding skilled professionals willing to relocate to Western Europe. 

At the same time, we help skilled professionals to get the jobs matching their skills. From short term projects as a Talent agency to outsourcing in SouthEastern Europe, till relocating to Western Europe for permanent employment.

Both sided are benefitting, a rare WIN-WIN proposition indeed.


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Meet the Team

Our team of talented professionals are dedicated to planning, executing and supporting strategies that accelerate your resourcing requirements and help you reach your objectives.

We are experienced, motivated and dedicated experts who drive forward our customer projects and uphold our culture of continuous improvement.

At the same time they guide candidates, contractors and employees towards fullfilling jobs.

We’re incredibly proud of the people who make Solidum what it is.

Joseph De Wilde
CEO & Founder
Dirk De Vriendt
CEO & Founder
Tomas De Wilde
Milan Rasic
Managing Director SV SRB d.o.o.
Maria Ristić
Senior Consultant
Draga Mandic
Associate Consultant ICT
Angela Popovic
Associate Consultant BPO
Andrijana Milosevic
Associate Consultant BC

Selected Clients

Our customers are mainly located in the EU and include IT companies, large national companies, Multi National Companies and subsidiaries from Global companies across industries.

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