Blue Collar Resourcing

The decline and aging of the European population, coupled with its foreseeable implications on the various social welfare systems forces EU member states to look increasingly for resources from outside Europe to address labour shortages in particular sectors.
Solidum Vitae BC addresses this by sourcing Blue Collar workers from SouthEastern European countries to execute projects in the EU.
We build bridges between contractors from Serbia and other SouthEastern European countries and contracters in the EU Member States.
At the same time we assist SouthEastern European Blue Collar workers who are seeking permanent employment within the EU by Solidum to find their way through laws and regulations regulating the migration of workers to EU member states.

For this our main focus is on professions that are officially categorized as bottleneck professions by governmental employment agencies. Top bottleneck professions include: (Site) manager construction, Industrial installations technician, Technician Production Process and Methods, Nurses, Maintenance Technician, Draftsman-Designer Mechanics,  Calculator Construction, Technician Engineering Office Construction among others as listed here.

Technical managers

Production manager, Leader industrial production, Manager mechanical production, Responsible planning and production management, Responsible production methods and industrialization, Responsible quality control, Responsible industrial maintenance.

Technicians process and production

Technician production process and methods, Research and development engineer in electricity and electronics, Research and development technician in the process industry, Graphic industry technician, 
Quality controller mechanical and metal constructions.

Electromechanical technicians

Electric and electronic appliance technician, white goods
Technicians:  QC electricity and electronics, Electronic installations, Industrial installations, Industrial Design Automation, Industrial automation, communication networks, Elevator Maintenance.

Technicians vehicles

Maintenance technician for passenger cars and light commercial vehicles, Maintenance technician for company vehicles or trucks, 
Technician yard-, agricultural- and lifting machines, Bodyworker processor, Bodyworker, 
Bodywork builder, Sprayer bodywork, Disassembler bodywork.


Architectural draftsman, Draftsman-designer mechanics, 
Draftsman-designer electricity, electronics.

Metal Construction Workers

Operators metal ovens, Mold maker, TIG Welder, Adjuster-operator CNC machine tools, Adjuster-operator of conventional machine tools, Pipe Fitter, Mechanic of steel building elements, Scaffolding builder, Maintenance technician.

Chemical Industry Workers

Operators: energetic and petrochemical installations, installations in the chemical industry, Machine controller plastic processing, Production worker plastic processing, production of ready-mixed concrete, cement, asphalt and gravel holes, packaging installations, Worker at height.

Horticulturists - Permanent and Seasonal

Agricultural worker, Horticulturalist,  Agricultural, horticultural, forestry and fishing professionals.

Health Care - Nurses and Carers

Physiotherapist, Optician, Dental technician, Head nurse, Nurses, 
Specialized nurse operating theater, Healthcare professionals, 

Hiring a Serbian Contractor to execute projects in Belgium

To work in Belgium a number of conditions need to be met. They depend on the following three important factors:

- Nationality and country of residence

- The duration of stay

- The status (employed or self-employed) under which you will work in Belgium

We assist our customers in making sure that all legal obligations are met and help Serbian workers to become fully authorized to work in Belgium either as an independent contractor or employee.
To assure a smooth onboarding of new workers we also organise accomodation and transport between their residence and the workplace. In this way we guide you through all administrative formalities to ensure compliancy with all laws and regulations.
We also take care of the filing of the European A1 Form and Limosa 1 registration.

Employment of quality Serbian permanent or interim workers in Belgium.

We work exclusively with highly qualified professionals with a technical background, mainly in the Building & Construction, Engineering & Chemicals, Life Sciences & Healthcare, and Infrastructure & Utilities sectors. We help you to find suitable construction workers, cable girders, forklift drivers, packers, warehouse workers, production workers, CNC turners and operators, line operators, welders, mechanics, cleaners and carers.